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Single Listing Websites

What a great listing benefit! Set yourself apart from other agents. Turn your listing address into a website domain name for targeted sales promotion.

What could be simpler? Add a sign rider "Photos at 123Main.com" to make it easy for potential buyers to find your property information. They will go directly to your website page that features the listing - bypassing other agent's listings and confusion site navigation.

  • Add the sign rider to your for sale sign.

  • Use the URL in your newspaper advertisements.

Try out this example: www.1110Manchester.com

What We Do:

  • We set up the new domain name active for one year

  • point it to your website (for example: www.margaretallen.illinoisproperties.com/06474852 ) or your virtual tour.

  • provide a sign rider with "Photos at www.<your address>.com"

What's it Cost?

  • Basic package: $70

  • If you have us do your photography, brochures, and virtual tour: $60.

  • Renewal if you need to keep the domain name beyond the first year: $20.

How to Order?

  • Send an email to Mike@FoxRiverValleyHomes.com, include:

  • The property address as you want it in the new domain name and on the sign rider.

  • The property listing MLS number.

  • The URL (address) of the page with your listing information for the property. Or, simply tell us to use your RE/MAX site or your virtual tour link. We will figure it out!

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